Russian River Intinction Sauvignon Blanc pours a clear, straw-like hue into a glass, revealing a minimal foam that lingers briefly before dissolving. Some sediment remains at the bottle’s bottom, which I chose to leave out during the pour.


Upon raising the glass, the scent opens with prominent wine barrel characteristics, featuring buttery oak and a hint of musty wood. The Sauvignon Blanc grapes contribute fruity notes, with pineapple, white peach, and ripe nectarine aromas. There’s a subtle undertone of pickle brine, offering a touch of funkiness. Interestingly, this beer’s aroma strongly resembles that of typical peach sours.


Intinction delivers a delightful interplay between sweetness and sourness, heavily leaning into its vinous nature with pronounced oaked wine flavors at the forefront. It carries a mild tannic quality and hints of alcohol, but the focus remains on crushed white grapes and firm nectarine notes. The beer’s residual sweetness sets it apart from the dryness often found in Brett-fermented brews, allowing for a more enjoyable experience without overwhelming sharp acidity or astringent bitterness. At times, it exhibits a slight prickliness and a touch of saltiness, but it concludes with a clean and neutral finish, devoid of any acetic acid sharpness.


With sweetness as its ally, Intinction’s mouthfeel remains pleasantly balanced. It avoids the extreme dryness common in many American sour and wild ales, ensuring a more approachable and enjoyable texture.


Despite its somewhat steep price point, Intinction earns a well-deserved spot alongside its wine-infused predecessors like Supplication, Consecration, and Temptation. The influence of Sauvignon Blanc grapes infuses it with intense fruitiness, almost masquerading as a stone fruit sour ale. This marvelous beer deserves a place in your collection, reserved for special occasions – perhaps a memorable New Year’s Eve celebration.

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Intinction shares numerous qualities with barrel-aged sour ales featuring peach and nectarine, making it a worthy contender for those who appreciate such offerings.

In summary, Russian River’s Intinction Sauvignon Blanc proves to be a distinctive and enjoyable addition to the world of sour ales, showcasing the artistry of blending beer and wine flavors without compromising on balance and complexity.