The Blind Pig IPA from Russian River pours into the glass with a striking clarity, presenting a fully clear golden color. The thick, yellowish foam head holds its ground for an impressive three minutes before dissipating entirely.


In the aroma department, Blind Pig initially appears a bit reserved compared to contemporary IPAs. Notable scents include dried orange peel, pine needles, and fresh brioche. As the beer warms up, additional layers unfold, revealing tangerine, strawberry, and rum cake notes.


Upon sipping, Blind Pig takes a piney hop-centric approach with a slight chewiness. Surprisingly lighter-bodied than expected for the style, it introduces a dryness that typically doesn’t align with the norm. The lack of balancing sweetness propels Blind Pig into a realm of assertive bitterness, featuring robust woodsy hops and lingering pine needle flavors. However, with a bit of patience, the beer comes together admirably. Juicy white grapefruit takes the forefront, accompanied by honey roll and biscuit flavors that provide a well-rounded experience.


The mouthfeel of Blind Pig exhibits a buoyant quality, enhanced by a touch of perceived saltiness. Despite the initial dryness, the beer achieves a harmonious balance with a refreshing and almost APA-like impression, characterized by lower sweetness and higher perceived bitterness.


Sampling Blind Pig from a recent 510ml bottle, the experience is both refreshing and satisfying. In a market saturated with double hazy milkshake IPAs, Blind Pig stands out as a classic, clear IPA that effortlessly competes with the competition. With a modest 6.25% ABV, it navigates the IPA spectrum admirably, offering a distinct and enjoyable profile.

Similar Beers

While Blind Pig’s alcohol content places it on the lower end for its style, its low sweetness sets it apart from the most popular IPAs, leaning closer to the characteristics of an APA. A close relative, Happy Hops, shares similar specs but leans even drier, incorporating more modern hop varieties. The unique quality control measures taken by Russian River make it challenging to find an equivalent beer, emphasizing the worth of seeking out this iconic IPA directly.

In conclusion, Blind Pig IPA stands as a testament to Russian River’s commitment to quality distribution, defying industry norms. The beer’s nuanced profile, though initially challenging, unfolds into a satisfying and memorable experience. In a landscape dominated by evolving beer styles, Blind Pig remains a steadfast contender, showcasing the brewery’s mastery in crafting iconic IPAs.