Rhinegeist Brewery – Rare moments of truth, where the last match sparks, melodies resonate with pals, and you gaze into the campfire, feeling boundless. Enter the Truth, a beer where revelations lie in the dazzling brilliance of hops. Infused with a Pacific vibe, it unleashes tropical fruit fragrances, intertwining grapefruit and mango tones, culminating in a crisply dry finish.

Pouring the Truth

Appearance: An alluring hazy amber gold spills into the goblet, crowned with a persistent cap of white foam.

Sniffing Out the Essence

Aroma: Classic West Coast vibes waft through the air – candied citrus and pine, a symphony for the olfactory senses.

Sipping Reality

Taste: A journey of earthy bitterness kicks things off, paving the way for a dance of tart fruitiness. The finale? A dry, bready finish, accented by the harmonious touch of hop spice.

Feel the Truth

Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied dryness carries a balanced weight, met with a medium level of carbonation.

The Unveiled Verdict

Overall: Unbelievably clean and effortlessly quaffable, the Truth stands tall. Though generously hop-laden, it shies away from an overwhelming bitterness at 75 IBUs. If I were a local in Cincinnati, this would undoubtedly be my go-to choice.