Pouring Rhinegeist Little Bubs into the glass reveals a crystal clear pink hue, accompanied by a light pink foam that threatens to overflow. Surprisingly good head retention is observed, creating an enticing visual appeal.


The aroma is a delightful mix of Honeycrisp apple and white strawberry, augmented by subtle sweet undertones reminiscent of vanilla cake, likely derived from the base beer. The fragrance is inviting and contributes to the overall anticipation.


Little Bubs impresses with a well-balanced flavor profile. The sweetness is restrained, maintaining a 2/10 level for a fruit beer, while the acidity, rated at 4/10, adds a refreshing zing. The beer offers a mellow experience, allowing the subtle cranberry acids to harmonize with a prominent cidery flavor. The dominance of apple, especially in its juicy form, overshadows any discernible presence of the stated 2-row malt and Cascade hops. Despite this deviation from the expected beer characteristics, the end result is undeniably delicious.


The mouthfeel of Little Bubs is a standout feature, exhibiting a soft and pleasantly thick texture, almost creamy. The acid content, strategically cutting through, provides a well-rounded balance. The lingering aftertaste, characterized by apple and cranberry skins, contributes to a satisfying conclusion.


In summary, Little Bubs lives up to its promise of delivering an apple and cranberry experience. However, the absence of any discernible peach notes or traditional beer characteristics may be a letdown for those seeking a broader flavor spectrum. The beer leans more towards a fruit cider, overshadowing the potential interaction of the base beer. The use of the term “rosé” in this context by Rhinegeist, in contrast to the approach of Firestone’s Rosalie, creates a distinction between the two despite sharing the same hybrid style label.

Similar Beers

For those drawn to a fruit-focused experience akin to Little Bubs, exploration into the realm of fruit ciders, particularly cherry ciders, is recommended. Sour ales and other attempts at rosé ale may not capture the same essence found in this Rhinegeist creation.