The Pure Project Roes Red, packaged in a punted, heavy-gauge Champagne bottle, immediately sets the stage for a potentially exceptional Flanders Red experience. The bottle boasts a minimalist, textured paper label featuring a red patriarchal cross, a nod to the beer’s origins in Roeselare, Belgium. Upon pouring into a Pinot Noir glass, the beer reveals an exquisite ruddy brown hue with a small but resilient beige head. The presentation is impressive, complemented by the layer of sediment at the bottle’s bottom, showcasing the beer’s unfiltered nature.


As the beer is unveiled, a symphony of aromas captivates the senses. Black cherry, toasted oak, plum, and musty cellar notes permeate the air, creating a sensorial tapestry that hints at the beer’s complex nature. With a warming touch, underlying malty notes reminiscent of raisin bread emerge, adding depth to the olfactory experience.


Moving on to the heart of the matter, the taste of Roes Red defies expectations. Contrary to the often-acidic nature of Flanders style red ales, this rendition presents a restrained sourness. While acetic acid is allowed in this style, Roes Red skillfully avoids an overwhelming vinegar-like onslaught. The video linked to the brewery’s description suggests a lack of blending with fresh beer, but tasting batch 4 from 2018 contradicts this, offering a pleasant fusion of young and mature flavors. The result is a beer with manageable acidity, allowing for a leisurely enjoyment without the enamel-dissolving acid assault.


The mouthfeel of Roes Red is a journey in itself. The use of French Oak barrels, previously cradling Pinot Noir in Napa Valley, imparts a mild tannic bitterness that complements the beer’s overall profile. Sharp berry skins, bright cranberry, and cherry notes reminiscent of Pinot Noir further contribute to the vinous character. A backdrop of dark bread crust, toasted wood, and brown sugar adds an additional layer of complexity, creating a balanced and nuanced experience.


In the realm of Flanders-style red ales, Roes Red stands as a testament to Pure Project’s brewing prowess. The beer encapsulates the essence of the style without succumbing to common pitfalls. Dark cherries, toasted wood, and minimal vinegary notes make for a captivating drinking experience. The shocking low acidity, possibly a result of blending, elevates this beer, making it a standout in the category. Roes Red not only rivals but surpasses many Belgian counterparts, offering an authentic and vinous journey that leaves a lasting impression.

Similar Beers

For those seeking comparable experiences, beers like Russian River Consecration, Lost Abbey Cuvee de Tomme, and De Dolle Oerbier Special Reserva might pique your interest. However, Roes Red manages to carve its niche with a unique blend of flavors and a masterful balance that sets it apart from its counterparts.

In conclusion, Pure Project’s Roes Red is nothing short of mind-boggling. It deftly captures the essence of Flanders-style red ales while showcasing the brewery’s commitment to quality and innovation. This beer earns its place among the best of the year, offering a worthy substitute for even the most discerning palates.