The Euphorik with Double Cherries pours from a distinctive, punted, brown glass 375mL bottle, featuring a cork and oversized cap reminiscent of Cantillon lambics. The beer presents itself as an opaque, inky purple, lacking a substantial head formation. Within moments of pouring, any initial foam dissipates, leaving only a scant ring of purple bubbles hugging the glass’s edge.


Upon bringing the glass to the nose, Euphorik unfolds with band-aid-like phenols, reminiscent of the best Belgian krieks. However, beneath this volatile top note lies a more desirable array of aromas—black cherry, blackberry cobbler, Cabernet grapes, and spicy Syrah grapes contribute to a complex olfactory profile.


Euphorik delivers a taste profile that is peppery and tannic, akin to a well-crafted Syrah, with an escalating vinous character that intensifies over time. Rich with ripe blueberry and blackberry flavors, the beer maintains midrange acidity. The mouthfeel is lively, characterized by fine bubbles and soft carbonation. In contrast to classic Krieks, which often emphasize acidity to the maximum, Euphorik stands out for its poise, balance, and vinous elegance. It avoids the common pitfall of fixating solely on cherry skins, offering a more nuanced drinking experience.


The mouthfeel of Euphorik is lively, featuring fine bubbles and soft carbonation. This quality, coupled with a modulated acidity, distinguishes it from traditional Krieks. The beer achieves a remarkable balance, presenting a more drinkable and well-rounded experience, showcasing its vinous qualities without becoming one-dimensional.


Euphorik with Double Cherries emerges as the most impressive iteration within the series. It not only pays homage to the science behind excellent Belgian krieks but also addresses some prevalent issues, such as excessive acidity, overboard phenols, and a lack of flavor diversity. The beer achieves a superlative rating of 99 points, showcasing its excellence in craftsmanship and its ability to elevate the American Wild Ale genre.

In conclusion, Pure Project Brewing has crafted a beer that transcends expectations, offering a sophisticated and refined experience that surpasses traditional benchmarks within the sour ale category. Euphorik with Double Cherries is a testament to the brewery’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Note: The Perceived Specs for Pure Project Euphorik Feral Ale with Double Cherries (Sweet 1, Bitter 2, Acid 5, Salt 0, Savory 0, Fat 0, Mineral 0) provide additional insight into the beer’s composition, further enhancing the overall evaluation.


Euphorik with Double Cherries earns a well-deserved rating of 99 points, marking it as a superlative example within its category. The beer’s ability to refine and elevate the Belgian kriek style sets it apart, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts seeking a sophisticated and balanced sour ale experience.

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