The initial gaze upon Pretty Things Baby Tree reveals an enticing iced tea brown, seemingly innocent yet harboring depths waiting to be explored. The beer pours with a creamy, tenacious head, setting the stage for what lies beneath.

Aroma: A Symphony of Dark Fruits and Confectionery

Upon lifting the goblet to the nose, the olfactory senses are greeted by a medley of dried dark fruits, akin to a tantalizing blend of raisins and prunes. Powdery hints of sugar linger, accompanied by subtle notes of banana and bubblegum, creating an aromatic dance that captures attention.

Taste: A Complex Melange of Flavors

As the first sip unfolds, a rich tapestry of flavors emerges. Burnt sugar takes the lead, interweaving with the succulent essence of plum, creating a nuanced sweetness. Spicy undertones add depth, leading to a toasty finish that lingers on the palate.

Mouthfeel: A Well-orchestrated Play of Carbonation and Texture

The lively carbonation of Pretty Things Baby Tree orchestrates a lively performance on the taste buds. The full-bodied mouthfeel complements the robust flavors, creating a harmonious symphony of textures that enhances the overall drinking experience.

Overall: Above Average, a Delicately Balanced Creation

In the grand scheme of things, Pretty Things Baby Tree proves itself to be above average, skillfully navigating the delicate balance of flavors. The infusion of 40lbs of dried California plums contributes to the dark-fruit character, adding a layer of complexity to this 8.6% ABV brew. As Pretty Things’ inaugural seasonal beer, Baby Tree stands as a commendable endeavor in the realm of quadruples, inviting enthusiasts to savor its intricate profile.