Russian River Brewing, known for its Pliny the Elder Double IPA, takes a bold leap into the realm of triple-hopped goodness with Pliny the Younger. Drawing inspiration from the historical figure Pliny the Younger, this Triple IPA boasts triple the hop content, honoring the brewing challenges of this ancient craft.

The Brewing Challenge

Crafting Pliny the Younger proves to be a labor-intensive endeavor. With triple the usual amount of hops, the process demands significant time, space, and financial investment. Consequently, this exceptional brew isn’t a regular feature on the Russian River Brewing lineup.

Aroma and Appearance

Appearance: Pouring into a goblet, Pliny the Younger presents a slightly hazy amber gold, adorned with a thin, bubbly film.

Aroma: The olfactory experience is a sensory adventure, delivering potent notes of papaya, pine, mango, and grapefruit. The aroma is undeniably pungent, setting the stage for what’s to come.

Flavorful Symphony

Taste: Pliny the Younger is a symphony of flavors. The taste profile unfolds with prominent pine and grapefruit notes, accompanied by a dry malt backbone. A subtle malt sweetness peeks through, culminating in a long and bitter finish that lingers on the palate.

Mouthfeel and Evolution

Mouthfeel: The 2013 vintage differs in mouthfeel from its predecessor. While less smooth than the previous batch, it embraces a more assertive bite. Deceptively crisp and highly drinkable, it maintains modest carbonation, contributing to a dynamic drinking experience.

Overall Impressions

Overall: Pliny the Younger Vintage 2013 stands as a remarkable testament to the artistry of hops. In comparison to its predecessor, this batch leans towards a dryer and snappier profile, showcasing the evolution of Russian River Brewing’s brewing prowess. The nose captivates with its extraordinary aroma, while the intense hop infusion delivers a palate-pleasing experience. A well-executed venture into the realm of Triple IPA, leaving an indelible mark on the craft beer aficionado’s taste buds. Cheers to Russian River Brewing for this hop-forward triumph!