Swami’s IPA by Pizza Port Brewing pours into the glass with a crystal-clear light gold to straw color, creating an impressive white foam that lingers throughout the tasting. The beer’s presentation is visually appealing and sets the stage for what’s to come.


Upon cracking open a 48-hour old 16 oz can, the aroma of Swami’s IPA bursts forth with the freshness of orange juice, grapefruit, and pineapple. Subtle herbal notes of chamomile and sage add complexity. As the beer warms, the volatile hop aromas give way to sweeter grain notes, including white corn, butterscotch, and fresh dough. While the aroma evolves, it maintains the classic West Coast IPA profile, hitting all the right notes.


At the forefront of the palate, Swami’s offers a bold bitterness reminiscent of red grapefruit pith. The initial bitterness quickly transitions to a delightful combination of cornbread and fluffy sourdough biscuit. The beer boasts a solid grain presence that, although present, gracefully yields to a persistent grapefruit character in the swallow. The balance achieved in Swami’s makes it exceptionally drinkable, making it an ideal starting point for those exploring the West Coast IPA style.


The mouthfeel of Swami’s IPA is notable for its well-executed balance. The beer’s body, influenced by a carefully crafted water profile and a chewy grain presence, complements the hop bitterness. The texture is satisfying, and the beer remains enjoyable whether consumed immediately or allowed to warm up, revealing additional nuances like hints of pineapple and flashes of butterscotch.


Pizza Port Brewing has mastered the art of brewing IPAs, evident in the meticulous details of Swami’s. The beer’s consistent quality, availability, and reasonable pricing make it a standout choice in the saturated craft beer market. With its roots dating back over 20 years, Swami’s has evolved with the times, incorporating new hops like Citra and Simcoe while staying true to its West Coast IPA essence. It’s a flagship beer that continues to be relevant, deserving a spot among the classics in blind taste tests alongside renowned IPAs like Bell’s Two Hearted, Alpine Duet, and Stone IPA. Swami’s is not just a nostalgic brew; it’s a testament to Pizza Port’s enduring commitment to excellence in the IPA realm.