Pouring from a 16oz can that saw the light of day just three weeks ago, Pizza Port Palapa IPA presents itself as a crystal-clear pale golden elixir. The beer boasts an impressive buttermilk foam head that rises assertively, yet miraculously avoids spillage, thanks to the hop oils at play. The head possesses a glossy sheen, settling down with a languid grace. In the realm of IPA aesthetics, this is the benchmark for perfection – a standard that every IPA should aspire to meet.


Upon encountering Palapa IPA, a vivid olfactory experience unfolds. Dole whip and intensely sweet jackfruit dominate the aroma, creating a powerful and singular invitation to what promises to be a lusciously sweet IPA journey. The aromatic profile is a testament to the brewery’s prowess, luring in enthusiasts with the anticipation of a juicy and delectably sweet IPA experience.


Embarking on the tasting adventure, Palapa IPA seamlessly integrates Pizza Port’s renowned chewy IPA body with a burst of juicy tropical fruit, achieving a strikingly balanced mouthfeel. The flavor profile transitions into a realm dominated by pineapple upside-down cake, underscored by a robust grapefruit rind bitterness courtesy of the Columbus hops. The finish is marked by a lingering, moderate bitterness, complemented by a spicy kick of black peppercorn from the undisclosed rye addition.


Palapa IPA’s mouthfeel stands out with its exceptional richness, embodying a chewy, oily, and satisfyingly fatty texture that defies the conventional expectations of an IPA. The rye character contributes to this luxurious mouthfeel, elevating the overall drinking experience to levels that surpass even the esteemed Swami’s IPA. The sweetness, though perceptibly higher than some IPAs, avoids excess, maintaining a delicate balance with the pronounced bitterness.


Palapa IPA emerges as a triumph in the realm of balance. In the landscape of polarizing IPAs, this offering stands as a refreshing deviation from overpowering hop bombs, offering a bitter profile without harsh or astringent notes. The seamless interplay of Mosaic, Waimea, and Columbus hops, along with the mysterious Grüngeist hops and undisclosed rye addition, propels Palapa to the upper echelons of IPA excellence. In every detail, this brew attains perfection, making it a must-try for IPA enthusiasts seeking an exemplary and well-balanced experience.

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