The pFriem Oud Bruin pours into the glass with a captivating deep maroon hue, reminiscent of aged red wine. The impressive, thick beige foam crowns the beer, creating an enticing visual appeal. However, it’s worth noting that this brew contains a noticeable sediment at the bottom, adding a rustic touch to its presentation.


The aromatics of this Oud Bruin are nothing short of outstanding. Aromas reminiscent of jammy Pinot Noir dominate, accompanied by abundant black cherry and raspberry notes. Subtle undertones of saltwater, tamarind, and brown sugar add complexity, while a significant dose of peppery wood and a hint of alcohol remind the drinker of its substantial 8.7% ABV. The overall bouquet is a delightful interplay of funkiness and allure.


Upon sipping, the buttery oak barrel takes the lead, offering a rich, fatty flavor akin to pie crust. Baked strawberry and dark bread flavors mingle with mild tannins and soft alcohol, creating a nuanced taste experience. The beer’s texture is exceptional, with just a touch of sweetness that allows the flavors to burst forth. The heavy carbonation from start to finish injects vivacity, a characteristic often absent in most dark sours.


The mouthfeel of pFriem’s Oud Bruin is commendable. The beer strikes a balance with a surprising acidity level of 3/10, allowing the drinker to savor the complexities of a barrel-aged dark sour without overwhelming sourness. Sweetness, rated at 3/10, is appropriately restrained. The underlying beer maintains a light-bodied and delicate profile, while the barrel character imparts a subtle density, creating a velvety, vanilla-like oiliness. The neutral, quick finish leaves the palate longing for another sip.


In the realm of dark sours, pFriem’s Oud Bruin stands out as a masterpiece. Comparable to classics like Russian River Consecration or New Belgium La Folie, this brew showcases the brewer’s artistry. Despite its excellence, accessibility remains a lamentable factor. For those fortunate enough to experience it, this beer is a testament to the craft, delivering a symphony of flavors that exemplify the Burgundies of Belgium.