Beer Review: PFRIEM IPA

Beer Review: PFRIEM IPA

The pFriem IPA arrives with a regal demeanor, boasting an upscale design that characterizes the brewery’s entire lineup. However, a potential hiccup lies in its similarity to other offerings, with only a modest neck label distinguishing it as the IPA. Despite this, the overall presentation stands out as one of the most elegant in the beer market.


Upon pouring this IPA into the glass, the initial olfactory experience is a subtle blend of zesty citrus peel, vanilla cake, and fresh bread. However, it falls short of the vibrant hop aroma witnessed in pFriem’s Mosaic Pale Ale. The piney fragrance and bold hops expected from an IPA are present but in a more subdued manner.


With an elevated ABV and a hint of bitterness, pFriem’s IPA leans towards a malt-forward profile. Rich dessert flavors akin to flan or custard intermingle with pound cake sweetness. The mid-palate introduces a medium bitterness, featuring pine resin and sharp orange peel, creating a dynamic flavor experience. Notably, the finish strikes a delicate balance, avoiding excessive sweetness, and attaining a commendable dryness.


The mouthfeel of pFriem IPA is a standout feature, characterized by a soft and creamy texture reminiscent of cocoa butter or white chocolate. The beer’s body is notably dense and filling, offering a satisfying experience. Despite occasional notes resembling a mild sanitizer flavor, the overall sensation remains impressive, with a level of silkiness that sets it apart from typical IPAs.


In the realm of IPAs, pFriem’s offering stands out for its soft and subtle nature. While the beer’s overall quality is commendable, the Mosaic Pale Ale from the same brewery takes the lead with its more expressive aroma and lower ABV. The IPA, however, excels in achieving a remarkable balance, surpassing many competitors in the market. Despite a limited distribution to Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, pFriem IPA holds its own and could potentially challenge well-established IPAs if introduced to a wider audience. For now, it remains a hidden gem, awaiting discovery beyond its current geographical constraints.