The pFriem Extra Pale Ale presents itself in a 500mL bottle with a label that exudes regality. The crystal-clear golden hue is accentuated by a lavish cream-colored foam that rises nearly an inch without spillage, creating a visually appealing beer.


The aroma of pFriem’s Extra Pale Ale is both beautiful and intricate. It welcomes with notes of birthday cake, vanilla frosting, white grape, yellow apple, and pear. The complexity deepens with hints of melon, pineapple, and a juicy essence of strawberry and gooseberry. This intricate bouquet sets the stage for the tasting experience.


The flavor profile of the Extra Pale Ale is a delightful interplay of pound cake, sourdough bread, and white sugar, complemented by the brightness of yellow apple, starfruit, and Bosc pear. The inclusion of malts like Rahr Alix Pale, Simpsons Cara Malt, and Simpsons Crystal Dark, along with a blend of hops such as Citra, Mosaic, Equinox, and Chinook, contributes to a full-bodied taste with a subtle bitterness.


The mouthfeel of this ale steals the spotlight, showcasing richness akin to the density of a pale ale. With a thickness reminiscent of pound cake and a sweetness level at 7 out of 10, it achieves a remarkable balance. The ultra-silky texture coats the palate, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience. The long finish is characterized by a blend of sourdough and fruit juice-like acidity, adding depth to the overall sensation.


At 6.5% ABV, the pFriem Extra Pale Ale defies easy categorization, challenging the boundaries of what defines an American Pale Ale. While the brewery positions it as a strong APA, its profile aligns closely with the excellence seen in clear, modern IPAs from renowned breweries. Comparable to the best in the West Coast style, particularly those featuring Citra and Mosaic hops, this beer stands out as exceptional. In my opinion, it is a masterpiece and one of the most impressive new beers sampled this year.

In conclusion, pFriem’s Extra Pale Ale offers a sensory journey, from its captivating appearance to its intricate aroma, well-balanced taste, and velvety mouthfeel. It establishes itself as a noteworthy addition to the craft beer landscape, pushing boundaries and delivering an exceptional drinking experience.