The Bosbessen Blueberry Lambic-Style Ale from pFriem pours out from its 375ml bottle into a wine stemware, showcasing a regal aesthetic. The beer presents itself with a hazy, glorious purple color, and its light purple foam is a rare sight. The textured paper label, adorned with a blue bottom portion, proudly labels it as a “Lambic-Style Ale.” The sediment at the bottle’s bottom is left untouched. The bottling date of 3/7/19 on the reverse label suggests a remarkable shelf life, typical for barrel-aged sours.


Upon bringing the glass to the nose, a robust surge of dark berries permeates the air. The aroma is a delightful mix of blueberry cobbler, blackberries, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The use of Hood River Valley Blueberries is evident, creating a compelling and inviting olfactory experience.


Bosbessen immediately captivates the palate with its well-balanced acidity, a testament to pFriem’s careful blending of 1, 2, and 3-year-old lambics. The “half-sour” flavor profile is a standout feature, allowing a deep exploration of the beer without overwhelming acidity. The spicy and peppery barrel notes intertwine with tannic and phenolic berry skins, offering a vinous character reminiscent of excellent Cabernet wine. The beer achieves a rare feat with a touch of residual sweetness, delivering an outstanding blueberry pie flavor absent in more acidic blueberry sours.


The secret weapon in Bosbessen’s arsenal is its super high carbonation, elevating the drinking experience to sheer joy. The finish is powerful, with barrel flavors continuing to unfold, leading to a nicely dry and almost wooly conclusion.


In conclusion, Bosbessen stands as a masterpiece in the realm of blueberry sours, rivaling even the esteemed Cantillon Blåbær. The beer lavishes the drinker with deep, dark berry notes, skillfully capturing the peppery, phenolic bite of blueberry skins and the sweet, dessert-like essence of the juice. Notably, the “half-sour” flavor, a hallmark of this lambic, sets it apart. The exceptionally low acidity for a barrel-aged sour ale allows the barrel and fruit flavors to shine without restraint. pFriem has crafted a gem that excels in both complexity and drinkability, making Bosbessen a standout in the world of blueberry sours.

Similar Beers

As mentioned earlier, most blueberry sour renditions pale in comparison to the nuanced excellence of Bosbessen. The beer’s unique balance and flavor profile set it apart in a category often marked by overpowering acidity.