Pouring out of the bottle, Perennial’s Sump with Ethiopian “Roba” coffee presents itself as a pitch-black brew, reminiscent of used motor oil. The red label distinguishes it from the Colombian coffee version. What sets this variant apart is the remarkable head of foam – dense, creamy, and unexpectedly powerful. The mocha-colored head, resembling mousse, rises with vigor, creating a texture so impressive that liquid beer beads dance atop it. It’s a visual delight, showcasing a beer that demands attention.


Contrary to the typical “coffee” aroma associated with some brews, Sump surprises with a complex bouquet. Absent is the earthy Folgers drip coffee scent; instead, the olfactory experience unfolds with notes of cinnamon, dark bread, and licorice. As the aroma develops, hints of blueberry, high-end dark chocolate, and Chambord liqueur emerge. Notably absent is the undesirable green pepper aroma often found in coffee-infused beers. It’s a sophisticated blend that invites exploration.


Upon indulging in several generous sips, Perennial’s Sump with Ethiopian “Roba” coffee reveals its charms. The beer impresses with a rich, oily texture, reminiscent of a decadent dessert – think flourless chocolate cake with a Godiva liqueur sauce. Unlike many coffee beers, there’s a notable absence of coffee-derived acidity. Instead, the coffee infusion contributes raspberry and blueberry flavors, complemented by intense vanilla and robust dark chocolate. The lactose addition, coupled with the coffee oils, enhances the overall mouthfeel, maintaining a perfect balance between sweetness (6/10) and bitterness (7/10). The transformative power of the coffee addition is evident, positively altering flavor, aroma, mouthfeel, and bitterness.


The texture of Sump with Ethiopian “Roba” coffee is a standout feature. Abundant oils and fattiness allow the beer to glide across the palate, leaving a satisfying and indulgent sensation. The lactose addition, combined with the extra oils from the coffee, contributes to an exceptionally creamy and dense beer foam. The mouthfeel is a testament to the careful crafting of this imperial stout, delivering an experience that transcends expectations.


Sipping on this version of Sump is an experience akin to indulging in a high-end espresso. Forget that it’s a mega imperial stout; the lack of acidity and emphasis on creaminess and balance make it deceptively easy to drink. Similar to a memorable cup of coffee from an iconic Roman café, the beer captivates with its focus on creaminess and balance. After an hour with this bottle, one might unwittingly consume the equivalent of four espressos – it’s that enticing. In the realm of imperial stouts and for coffee aficionados, Perennial’s Sump with Ethiopian “Roba” coffee deserves a prominent place on the wishlist.

Final Thoughts

Without assigning numerical scores, it’s evident that this beer stands out as mind-blowingly awesome and perfect in every way. Whether you’re a devoted imperial stout enthusiast or a discerning coffee lover, Perennial’s Sump with Ethiopian “Roba” coffee is a must-try, showcasing excellence in craft and flavor.