Late summer’s bounty is harnessed by Joe of Peace Tree Brewing in the creation of Cornucopia, a farmhouse-style ale boasting sweet corn from Dan-D Farms. Positioned as an introductory craft beer for the Knoxville locals, this brew has garnered substantial enthusiasm. Despite its initial aim, Cornucopia emerges as an earthy, Belgian-style concoction with a subtle fruit undertone, offering a drinking experience that caters to both seasoned craft beer enthusiasts and novices alike.


The visual introduction is lackluster, as Cornucopia pours a hazy yellow gold, devoid of any head even after a 20-second pour. The lack of a foamy crown raises initial skepticism about its vitality.


The olfactory journey begins with a grainy, husky nose taking the lead. Subsequent notes of straw and fruitiness emerge, reminiscent of a Kolch-style brew. The aromatic profile hints at a complexity that aligns with the brewery’s ambition.


Cornucopia unfolds on the palate with a spicy kick, courtesy of the fruity Belgian yeast. An earthy essence prevails, accompanied by a lingering metallic bitterness in the finish. The overall taste is dry and bitter, showcasing a medley of flavors that leave an impression.


The beer’s texture leans towards the thinner side of medium-bodied, accentuated by a pronounced fizziness. This effervescence adds a layer of liveliness to the drinking experience but might leave some desiring a more substantial feel.


Surpassing initial expectations, Cornucopia reveals itself as a peculiar hybrid, flirting with elements of a saison, macro pale lager, and Kolch. The promised corn stalk sweetness, however, remains elusive during the session. Despite this, the beer proves to be a commendable session companion, offering a journey of flavors that challenges preconceptions and invites exploration. It manages to strike a balance between approachability and complexity, making it a noteworthy addition to Peace Tree Brewing’s repertoire.