The Paradox Future Knowledge V.13 pours into the glass with a hazy straw color, showcasing an intriguingly uneven foam head composed of various bubble sizes reminiscent of homemade sourdough bread.


The aroma immediately embraces a bold and distinct Brettanomyces character, reminiscent of wet hay and a musty attic. Complementing this funkiness are delightful notes of green strawberry, white grape, and zesty citrus. The fragrance evokes the best qualities of well-crafted saisons, enhanced by a house yeast/bacteria mix contributing to bright summer fruit aromas.


Future Knowledge V.13 excels in delivering a superb saison experience, a style often considered as challenging as pilsner. The beer’s light body and high effervescence are accompanied by delicate acidity, skillfully maintaining its position within the saison category rather than veering into a full-blown sour ale. The fusion of salt and limeade flavors reinforces the beer’s refreshing quality, with subtle hints of oak foeder adding a touch of fattiness over time.


The palate experience is characterized by an aerated and buoyant sensation. The absence of excessive sugar and alcohol, coupled with low acidity, solidifies Future Knowledge as a standout saison. The beer strikes a delightful balance, showcasing a unique profile that distinguishes it as a remarkable brew in this category.


Paradox Future Knowledge V.13 emerges as a testament to the brewery’s dedication and experimental spirit. This unconventional yet well-mannered funky beer challenges the norm, proving that pushing the boundaries can result in a delicious and distinctive saison. The combination of patience, unique brewing processes, and a complex blend of flavors make this a standout offering in the world of craft beer.


Future Knowledge not only showcases the creativity required to produce an exceptional saison but also stands as a testament to the brewery’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing. This uniquely crafted and well-mannered funky beer is a result of relentless dedication and experimentation, offering a one-of-a-kind experience for those willing to explore the unconventional side of craft beer.

Similar Beers

For those seeking comparable experiences, explore funky saisons with lower acidity. Orval, known for its Brettanomyces character with minimal acidity, serves as a widely available option. Additionally, breweries like Jolly Pumpkin, Hill Farmstead, Fantôme, Anchorage, Upright, Jester King, Logsdon, and others known for their distinct blends of funk and acid in saisons offer intriguing alternatives. However, each brewery’s unique microbial blend ensures that the flavor profiles remain distinct and challenging to replicate, making great saisons a nearly impossible feat to duplicate.