Other Half Brewing Co. presents the Mmm… Fruit Berliner Weisse Style Ale Boysenberry in a 16oz can, boasting a 4.2% ABV. Poured into a lambic tumbler, the beer initially exhibits a clear purple hue, transforming into an inky maroon within the glass. The hot pink foam, reminiscent of soda, briefly graces the surface before vanishing in under a minute. It’s worth noting that sediment accumulates at the can’s bottom, leading to an opaque, purple mud pour on the second attempt.


Unfamiliar with boysenberry, the nose detects a scent hovering between cranberry and blackberry. The aromatic profile is enriched by a substantial buttery pie crust, attributed possibly to a combination of lactic acid and a hint of diacetyl. Despite the unfamiliarity with boysenberry, the amalgamation culminates in the delightful essence of a baked blackberry pie.


Surprisingly, the acidity in this Mmm… Fruit iteration is commendably subdued, registering around 4/10 on the sourness scale. Balancing milky lactic acid with juicy citric acid from the berries, the beer avoids the extremities of sourness often found in fruited Berliners. However, personal preferences lean towards thicker and creamier Berliner Weisse styles with a robust wheat beer base, while this offering tends towards a lighter body with a seltzer-like mouthfeel. Nevertheless, the primary flavor revolves around berry juices, complemented by tannic skins that substitute for the expected wheat creaminess. The carbonation persists, contributing to a tangy and refreshing experience without any noticeable imbalance. A subtle oiliness adds a mild coating mouthfeel typical of Berliners.


In the realm of Berliner Weisse standards, this Mmm… Fruit Boysenberry falls on the lighter side, embracing a seltzer-like mouthfeel. The berry juices take center stage, relying on tannic skins for balance rather than the anticipated wheat creaminess. Despite the mild oiliness contributing to the coating mouthfeel characteristic of Berliners, it remains subdued compared to other counterparts.


This rendition of Mmm… Fruit impresses with its restrained acidity, offering a delightful interplay of incredible berry juice and prominent skin presence. While it may appeal to enthusiasts of fruited sour ales, it also holds potential for those inclined towards red wine, even those typically averse to beer. The beer successfully navigates the delicate balance between tanginess and refreshment, making it a worthwhile venture for a diverse audience.

In conclusion, Other Half Brewing Co. manages to step beyond their hazy IPA reputation, showcasing prowess in diverse styles such as this Boysenberry-infused Berliner Weisse. Whether a fervent follower of fruited sours or a wine aficionado testing the beer waters, the Mmm… Fruit Boysenberry offers an enjoyable experience that stands out in the brewery’s portfolio.