The Ommegang Aphrodite, presented as a Limited Edition Ale, beckons with an ethereal and mysterious allure. Upon pouring, the beer exhibits a hazy dark pink hue, crowned by a rosy head that quickly subsides. The captivating visual experience is heightened by a luxuriously shimmering rose-pink head, reminiscent of the foam on the waves of the sea.


Delving into the olfactory journey, the aroma of the Aphrodite Ale unfolds with a blend of funky, spicy saisony yeast, accompanied by subtle notes of rainwater and sweet berry. This intriguing combination sets the stage for what promises to be a complex and layered tasting experience.


The taste profile of Ommegang Aphrodite delivers a carefully orchestrated balance of flavors. Bitterness mingles with yeasty undertones, culminating in a tart berry-riffic finish. Impressively, the 8.9% alcohol content remains skillfully concealed, adding to the overall harmony of the beer. The infusion of grains of paradise into the nectar contributes to the enchanting whispers of raspberry and pear, creating a palate that is both sophisticated and approachable.


In terms of mouthfeel, Ommegang Aphrodite is characterized by a thin and fizzy texture, providing a refreshing sensation with each sip. This effervescence adds a dynamic element to the drinking experience, complementing the beer’s overall composition.


Clocking in at 8.9% ABV, Ommegang Aphrodite proves to be an enjoyable and balanced creation. The beer expertly deceives the palate with its well-hidden alcohol content, making it a potentially dangerous yet delightful choice. This offering would particularly resonate with aficionados of Framboise, given its harmonious blend of flavors and refreshing dryness. Despite its limited edition status, Ommegang Aphrodite makes a lasting impression as a beer that sparks both curiosity and satisfaction.