Relax Hazy IPA presents itself with a turbid, deep golden color, occasionally tainted with a subtle brownish hue. The beer pours thick, generating a yellowish foam that cascades over the glass, showcasing impressive head retention lasting well over two minutes.


Upon inspection, Relax delivers a sweeter aroma reminiscent of canned peaches, pineapple sorbet, and transient hints of menthol and dryer sheets. As with many hazy IPAs, peculiar aromas are expected due to the unfinished brewing process. After a few minutes, the nose settles into a predominant orange creamsicle fragrance.


In the taste department, Relax initiates with a robust kick of spicy hops, characteristic of the sub-style. The hop profile imparts a green, plant-like bite, providing a unique experience for those unfamiliar with this flavor. The beer’s mid-palate introduces a substantial chalky element, contributing to a pronounced minerality. While some hazies tend to verge on gritty, Relax strikes a balance with well-modulated sugar, medium bitterness, and elevated yet not overwhelming mineral flavors from suspended proteins and yeast.


The mouthfeel of Relax aligns with the hazy IPA style, offering a smooth and neutral overall experience. The beer maintains a touch of sweet fruitiness, a gradually diminishing hop bite, and a chalky but not abrasive minerality. Notably, there’s an absence of sticky sweetness, avoiding the inverted sweet/bitter ratio observed in some NE-style IPAs.


In summary, Offshoot Beer Co.’s Relax Hazy IPA stands out as a well-balanced representation of the hazy IPA category. Despite its solid and enjoyable qualities, it falls short of delivering the sought-after tropical fruit milkshake experience often sought by hazy IPA enthusiasts. Priced at $13.99 for a 4-pack of 16oz cans, it offers a reasonable option within the industry’s freshness standards, with this review conducted approximately two months post-packaging.


While hazy IPAs may not be the reviewer’s preferred style, Offshoot’s flagship beer, Relax, impresses with its solid and enjoyable characteristics. Striking a balance by avoiding excessive sweetness or minerality, it emerges as the brewery’s most refined recipe. Notably, the beer sidesteps common brewing flaws prevalent in the hazy IPA style, showcasing Offshoot’s commitment to quality.

Similar Beers

Comparatively, other notable breweries such as Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Bell’s, Firestone Walker, and Victory have ventured into crafting their versions of New England-style IPAs. While some, like Sierra Nevada’s Hazy Little Thing and Victory Cloud Walker, receive acclaim, others, like Bell’s Official and New Belgium Juicy Haze, may not resonate as strongly with the reviewer. It’s emphasized that crafting a successful hazy IPA remains a challenge, and Offshoot’s Relax is acknowledged for meeting this demand adequately.

Additional Insights

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