The beer unveils itself in the tulip glass, presenting a cloudy and luminous bright amber gold. Initially crowned with a fluffy head, the effervescence quickly dwindles, leaving behind a thin cap that hints at a less-than-robust structure.


The olfactory journey commences with an assertive wave of fruity, spicy yeast that commands attention even from a distance. The aromatic profile is not one to shy away, revealing nuances of banana and clove that contribute to a robust and upfront presence.


Diving into the flavor realm, the interplay of banana, wheat, and clove takes center stage, accompanied by a spicy earthy yeast that underscores the beer’s character. Subtle hints of faint spicy hops linger in the background, adding a layer of complexity to the overall taste experience.


The mouthfeel unveils itself as full-bodied, albeit slightly coarse, with an average carbonation that doesn’t quite transcend the ordinary. While it doesn’t boast a velvety texture, the beer maintains a certain weightiness that aligns with the Saison style.


Judging the beer in its entirety, it stands as a commendable Saison. Preferable when chilled rather than reaching cellar temperature, it navigates its way through the ranks of classics without losing its distinct identity. While it doesn’t revolutionize the category, this offering from Odonata Beer Company is a worthy addition to the spectrum of Saisons, boasting a robust flavor profile that pays homage to traditional brewing practices.