Upon pouring the Odell Wolf Picker Experimental IPA, the visual presentation is enticing. A slightly hazy pale golden hue fills the glass, showcasing a deliberate omission of specialty malts, as indicated by the absence of details on Odell’s website or the can. The foam, generous and enduring, boasts a rocky topography with a spectrum of bubble sizes, creating an aesthetically pleasing layer that lingers for an impressive duration.


The olfactory experience of Wolf Picker is nothing short of spectacular. Harnessing the Strata hops, a newer varietal from Oregon State University and Indie Hops, the aroma unfolds with bright notes of lime zest and pineapple. As the beer approaches room temperature, these lively notes seamlessly transition to ripe, juicy mango. This aromatic profile stands out as one of the most impressive hop experiences, setting high expectations for the tasting.


Wolf Picker lives up to the contemporary, clear IPA expectations, delivering a clean body adorned with vibrant flavors of mango and pineapple. However, a subtle critique surfaces as the bitterness appears dialed back, almost too much, hovering around a 3/10 intensity. The beer’s light body and restrained sugar content align well with the modest bitterness, creating a refreshing palate. A touch of acidity in the backend, reminiscent of sourdough bread, adds complexity to the overall taste.


The mouthfeel of Wolf Picker contributes to its distinctive character. The light and aerated texture, coupled with a mild acidity reminiscent of sourdough, enhances the overall drinking experience. The absence of a dominating kettle hop presence may be noted, but it is compensated by an abundance of aroma hops, creating a well-balanced and refreshing IPA with a lighter body.


In my assessment, Wolf Picker stands as a commendable creation by Odell Brewing. By presenting the vibrant Strata hop varietal in a straightforward, no-specialty-malt framework, the brewery succeeds in offering a refreshing departure from their recent focus on Triple IPAs and Imperial Red IPAs. The beer’s simplicity allows the unique hop characteristics to shine, making it a notable addition to the 2019 lineup. It leaves me eager to witness more ventures from Odell along this innovative and tasteful path in the future.