Odell Brewing’s Piña Agria Sour Pineapple is a 750 ml tropical delight, promising a sour wonderland with its bright aromas and exotic tart finish. Let’s dive into the hazy peach-colored pour and explore the complexities of this 6.5% ABV sour ale.

Appearance and Aroma

Presented in a corked and caged bottle, the Piña Agria captivates with its glowing peach hue and a generous meringue foam that defies expectations for a sour beer. The aroma unfolds a delightful symphony of American sour blonde characteristics, featuring notes of angel food cake, wet Chardonnay barrel, sweet peach, and pineapple. A touch of funky Brett character adds depth, evolving into earthy tamarind as the brew warms.

Flavor Profile

As the first sip lands, a dry and wood-focused front dominates the palate. The mid-palate introduces a burst of high carbonation reminiscent of seltzer water, accompanied by a subtle hint of salt. While a trace of sharp acetic acid and vinegar tries to assert itself in the finish, it succumbs to the takeover of lemon-lime citric acid. Gradually warming, the beer unveils a pineapple yogurt character, albeit accompanied by a persistent sawdust and wood pulp essence, likely a remnant from barrel aging.

Pineapple Integration

Despite the potential pitfalls, the integration of pineapple in this brew is noteworthy. In blind tastings, one might overlook the pineapple presence, given the inherent pineapple character in sour blonde ales with Brett and Chardonnay traits. The addition of pineapple juice seamlessly melds into the intricate tapestry of yellow fruits and white wine barrel, avoiding any artificial or discordant notes.

Overall Impression

Piña Agria emerges as a bright and invigorating experience, skillfully blending American sour blonde nuances with a masterful integration of pineapple. The beer unfolds as a complex mixture of aromas and flavors, where the acidity takes center stage, showcasing a harmonious blend of citric, lactic, and acetic acids. While the wood-focused elements persist, they do not entirely overshadow the refreshing finale, leaving the palate yearning for more of Odell Brewing’s tropical paradise.