Beer Review: ODELL FRIEK

Beer Review: ODELL FRIEK

In the realm of visual allure, Odell Friek makes a notable entrance, cascading into the glass with a demeanor akin to a dark pink passion fruit elixir. A minimalistic presentation, with a scarcity of white swirls, and an absence of any substantial head, hints at a certain modesty.


The olfactory journey begins with an intriguing dance of scents. A funky resonance, emanating from the soaked barrel, commands attention, accompanied by the allure of red wine. The symphony crescendos with the arrival of sweet, ripe cherries, providing a sensory trifecta that sets the stage for what follows.


The flavor profile unfolds with a confident assertion of sour cherry dominance. This audacious note is complemented by subtle undertones of light red wine vinegar, creating a nuanced interplay. The tannic barrel notes add a layer of complexity, as the brew unveils its intricate tapestry of tastes.


A full-bodied experience unfolds on the palate, as Odell Friek invites enthusiasts to savor its offering. The interplay of flavors is accompanied by a deliberate choice of low carbonation, contributing to a texture that leaves a lasting impression.


In the realm of Kriek indulgence, Odell Friek asserts its prowess as a standout contender. The deliberate infusion of cherries over the brewing and aging process yields a result that is unapologetically tart and thoroughly enjoyable. The absence of hyperbole does justice to the craftsmanship evident in this offering, marking it as a commendable creation in the world of Kriek ales.