Pouring into the glass, the Dragon’s Milk Ale unveils itself with a coca cola brown hue, accompanied by a rather unimpressive thin ring of white. The viscosity appears less substantial than anticipated, lacking a certain density that might have added to its visual allure.

Aroma: The olfactory experience is dominated by an assertive whiskey aroma, eclipsing other contenders for attention. Hints of chocolate, coffee, and wood do make an appearance, but they play second fiddle to the overpowering whiskey notes. A somewhat one-dimensional olfactory journey, to say the least.

Taste: The flavor profile unfolds with a potent trio of whiskey, dark chocolate, and vanilla. However, the commendable elements are hindered by a robust layer of roast that struggles to harmonize with the sweetness. While the interplay is evident, the execution lacks finesse, leaving room for improvement.

Mouthfeel: The medium-bodied nature of the brew falls short of expectations, registering on the thinner side. While it avoids the pitfalls of being goopy or syrupy, one might argue that a bit more substance could have elevated the overall drinking experience. The inadequacy in body compromises the potential enjoyment of the nuanced flavors.

Overall: In the grand scheme, the Dragon’s Milk Ale exhibits an admirable attempt at complexity. However, the overarching whiskey presence tends to overshadow the subtleties that could have elevated the beer’s profile. The lack of body further hampers the overall satisfaction, creating an imbalance in the marriage of flavors. While a commendable effort, refinements in both balance and body could transform this ale into a more distinguished contender within New Holland Brewing Company’s lineup.