Diving into the world of farmhouse ales, the New Glarus Thumbprint Series Saison claims to be a refreshing take on the original Belgian invention. However, as I explore the depths of this Wisconsin-brewed concoction, a few facets demand scrutiny.

Unveiling the Essence: Aromas and Appearance

The initial encounter with this Saison presents a cloudy yellow gold liquid crowned by a tight cap of white. The aroma, a symphony of magnificent fresh fruits like grapes, pear, and apple, accompanied by floral undertones, creates an anticipatory atmosphere.

Taste: A Symphony of Flavors, Yet a Bit Overbearing

As the elixir caresses the taste buds, a sharp spicy Belgian yeast takes center stage, accompanied by the sweetness of ripe honeydew and a literal perfume of banana. Modest Euro hop spice attempts to balance the act. While this complex flavor profile may intrigue some, for those seeking a more traditional Saison experience, the beer’s bigness, sweetness, and fruity undertones might prove a tad overwhelming.

Mouthfeel: A Dance of Carbonation and Juiciness

The high prickly carbonation imparts a lively dance on the palate, adding to the overall experience. The beer’s juicy mouthfeel adds a layer of enjoyment, but whether it complements or competes with the intricate flavors is subjective.

Overall Impression: A Saison with Bold Interpretation

In the grand tapestry of Saisons, this Thumbprint Series entry by New Glarus Brewing stands out for its bold interpretation. While it undeniably offers a unique and enigmatic personality with the snap of lemon zest and peppery ginger notes, it may stray a bit too far from the traditional path for purists.

PublisherNew Glarus Brewing
GenreFarmhouse Ale
Print Length12 oz. bottle
ISBNNot listed, estimated ABV: 5-7%