Dive into the world of the New Glarus Thumbprint Series Enigma, a barrel-aged sour ale that beckons adventurous beer enthusiasts. This very limited edition brew leaves no assurances of a repeat performance, making it a unique and exclusive experience. The journey begins with the unpredictable dance of wild yeast, spontaneously fermenting a blend of malted barley and cherries. The outcome is a complex and intriguing original that challenges conventional descriptions.

Tasting Exploration


In the glass, the Enigma pours a clear and radiant amber, adorned with a subtle crown of micro bubbles around its periphery. Despite attempts to coax a head through swirling, the brew remains steadfast, setting the stage for an enigmatic experience.


The olfactory adventure unfolds with sweet and sour cherry notes, accompanied by the unmistakable presence of an oaky wine barrel. The aroma, a prelude to the complexity within, tantalizes the senses with promises of depth and sophistication.

Flavor Profile

The taste journey reveals layers of flavor, featuring cherry and its pit, intertwined with oak and a subtle metallic note. Toasty malt adds a comforting touch, while a modest tartness plays its part, creating a harmonious ensemble on the palate. The 5.5% alcohol by volume ensures a balanced and approachable sipping experience.


Enigma delivers a juicy and medium-bodied mouthfeel, characterized by smoothness and a modest carbonation level. The beer’s texture complements its flavor profile, enhancing the overall drinking pleasure.

Critical Reflection

In the realm of sour ales, New Glarus Brewing’s Thumbprint Series Enigma stands out as a testament to the artistry of their Master Brewer. The unlined Oak casks contribute deep vanilla hues and smoky undertones, further elevating the complexity of this sour brown ale. The result is a garnet tapestry that defies easy categorization, beckoning beer enthusiasts to stray from the beaten path.


For those already enamored with New Glarus’ fruited wild ales, the Thumbprint Series Enigma is a must-try. Its limited availability adds an element of exclusivity to the experience, making it a delightful addition to the brewery’s repertoire. Embark on this journey off the beaten path, and savor the mystery and craftsmanship encapsulated in every sip of this unique brew.