Upon cracking open a bottle of New Glarus Snowshoe Ale, one might anticipate a cozy winter evening companion, but the reality falls short of the promised warmth. Let’s break down this supposedly American Red/Amber creation from New Glarus Brewing.

Appearance: Lackluster Presentation

The pour reveals a dark copper hue with a thick white film, hardly an impressive start. The visual appeal seems mundane, failing to evoke the winter charm promised by the marketing spiel.

Aroma: Mismatched Notes

The aroma carries a confusing medley of minty hops, sweet malt, and a hint of fruitiness. This mishmash of scents fails to establish a cohesive profile, leaving the drinker puzzled rather than intrigued.

Taste: Uninspiring Flavor Profile

The taste experience unfolds with fresh herbal hops, burnt sugar, and a bread crust finish. While these elements may sound intriguing on paper, the execution lacks finesse. The flavors fail to harmonize, resulting in a disjointed and uninspiring palate.

Mouthfeel: A Modest Offering

The mouthfeel, described as full-bodied with smoothness and modest prickles, hardly compensates for the shortcomings in other aspects. It falls short of delivering the delightful and comforting sensation expected from a winter ale.

Overall: A Missed Opportunity for New Glarus

In summary, New Glarus Snowshoe Ale falls flat in capturing the essence of a winter brew. Despite promises of a beautiful copper-red appearance, fruity ale body, and spiced hop finish, the reality is a lackluster beer that struggles to embody the spirit of a Wisconsin winter. While it may be touted as “drinkable,” it fails to distinguish itself in a sea of more impressive offerings from New Glarus Brewing. Don’t let the label fool you; this ale leaves much to be desired for those seeking a truly memorable winter beer experience.

Modern Table: New Glarus Snowshoe Ale Details

PublisherGenrePrint LengthISBN
New Glarus BrewingAmerican Red/AmberNot specifiedNot specified

Note: The absence of specified print length and ISBN adds to the lack of transparency surrounding this disappointing winter brew.