In this serendipitous journey into the world of craft beer, New Glarus Brewing presents “Serendipity,” an unexpected blend born from the challenges of nature. As Wisconsin faced a severe drought impacting the cherry crop, Dan’s ingenuity led to a delightful concoction featuring apples, cranberries, and what cherries he could salvage. Let’s explore this happy accident that resulted in a wondrous celebration of Wisconsin’s favorite fruits, aged in oak with an almost magical wild fermentation.


The 750 ml. bottle of New Glarus Serendipity pours like a vivid red grape juice, accompanied by a delicate white ring of bubbles. The visual presentation sets the stage for the sensory adventure that follows.


The aroma of this fruit ale is an enticing blend of sweet and tart cranberry juice cocktail, intertwined with the delightful notes of oak and grape skins. The olfactory experience invites anticipation for the diverse flavors that lie ahead.


As the liquid touches the palate, the taste buds are treated to a sweet tanginess reminiscent of cranberry juice cocktail, complemented by the apple’s inherent sweetness. The interplay of tart cranberry, mild tannins, and a faint hop spice provides a complex flavor profile that finishes on a tangy note.


Describing the mouthfeel as juicy is an understatement; it is a lively carbonation that contributes to a full-bodied sensation. The robust texture enhances the overall drinking experience, making each sip a vibrant and dynamic affair.

Overall Impression

Alluringly described as a “grownup” Martinelli’s juice, New Glarus Serendipity leaves a lasting impression with its deliciousness. The reviewer contemplates the idea of consuming a quart of this beverage with breakfast every morning, a testament to its irresistible charm. While the oak takes a backseat, its subtle presence adds a perfect touch to the symphony of fruit flavors. Cheers to the unexpected and the delightful surprises found in every sip of Serendipity! Vielen Dank! 🍻

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