The pour of New Glarus Brewing’s Wild Bitter reveals a cloudy amber-orange hue with visible carbonation ascending within. A careful pour results in a fluffy white cap, accompanied by subtle traces of yeast sediment, setting the stage for what lies within.


Diving into the aroma, one encounters a prominent brett funk intertwined with notes of lemon, complemented by a floral and citrusy hop presence. The olfactory experience anticipates a journey into unconventional flavor territory.


The taste profile of Wild Bitter is marked by an assertive brett character upfront, contributing an industrial bitterness. Subtle hints of lemon and pineapple emerge, leading to a culmination of a funky tart bite, accompanied by robust hop bitterness. The noticeable alcohol presence adds another layer to the tasting experience.


In terms of mouthfeel, Wild Bitter presents itself as a full-bodied creation. The drying effect, coupled with lively carbonation, contributes to a textural complexity that engages the palate throughout the drinking experience.


Despite its billing as an IPA, Wild Bitter veers away from conventional expectations, drawing comparisons to a fuller-bodied rendition of Green Flash Rayon Vert. While the beer offers an intriguing and enjoyable exploration of flavors, it doesn’t necessarily fall into the category of “pleasant.” The year-long conditioning suggests that further aging may not mellow out the peculiar elements, leaving this brew as a distinctive, albeit challenging, addition to the craft beer repertoire.