Upon pouring New Belgium’s Voodoo Ranger Juicifer IPA, expectations of a hazy appearance are shattered. Contrary to the turbidity of Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze, Juicifer presents itself as a nearly clear beer, clouding briefly due to chill haze. The beer, aged less than two weeks, showcases a commendable beige foam head with impressive gloss and prolonged retention, creating an overall appealing visual experience.


In the olfactory department, Juicifer IPA surprises with a brighter mix of cantaloupe, Mandarin orange, peach, and pear. As the beer warms, fresh bread notes emerge, reminiscent of clear IPAs like Pizza Port Swami’s or Russian River Happy Hops. The aroma incorporates chewy sourdough, oatmeal, and whole grain undertones, complemented by the resinous, nutty bitterness of Chinook hops. The delicate balance between sweetness and bitterness adds to the aromatic complexity.


Juicifer IPA deviates significantly from expectations, steering away from the yeasty, hefeweizen-like qualities found in Juicy Haze IPA. Instead, it stands as a refined example of a modern, clear IPA. The beer boasts a well-crafted, balanced profile, with a hint of haze possibly attributable to oats. Noteworthy flavors include fresh, chewy sourdough, oatmeal, and robust whole grain elements like bran and rye. The Chinook hops introduce a resinous, almost nutty bitterness, contributing to a perfect equilibrium between sweet and bitter notes.


The mouthfeel of Juicifer IPA is a standout feature, characterized by an impressive fatty/oily texture, remarkable richness, and density. It glides across the palate with the silkiness reminiscent of top-tier IPAs. The addition of oats contributes to the beer’s resinous quality from the Chinook hops, enhancing the overall drinking experience.


In a surprising turn of events, New Belgium’s Juicifer IPA defies expectations, emerging as a clear IPA masterpiece. Far from a mere replication of its hefeweizen-like counterpart, Juicy Haze IPA, Juicifer demonstrates refinement, balance, and a prominent bitterness uncommon in hazy IPAs. This unexpected gem has the potential to secure a spot on the list of Best New Beers of 2019, adding a pleasant twist to New Belgium’s diverse beer offerings.

Similar Beers

For those who appreciate the qualities of Juicifer IPA, similar beers worth exploring include Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo, Pizza Port Swami’s, Russian River Happy Hops, Beachwood Amalgamator, El Segundo Mayberry IPA, Karl Strauss Aurora Hoppyalis, Belching Beaver Phantom Bride, Modern Times Booming Rollers, Alchemist Focal Banger, and Lawson’s Finest Sip of Sunshine.

In conclusion, Juicifer IPA proves to be a unique addition to the craft beer landscape, challenging preconceptions and delivering a delightful experience for those seeking a well-crafted, clear IPA. Cheers to unexpected surprises in the world of beer!