Publisher: DAN Beer Reviews
Genre: Spiced/Herbed/Vegetable Beer
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New Belgium Brewing brings a bold surprise to the world of pumpkin beers with their creation, Pumpkick. In this unconventional seasonal ale, the brewers have taken the classic combination of pumpkin juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice and injected it with a burst of unexpected flavors, notably cranberry juice and a hint of lemongrass.

A Visual Encounter

The amber elixir flows into the goblet, its hazy appearance accompanied by a thick white film. The visual presentation sets the stage for what promises to be a distinctive drinking experience.

Inhale the Autumn Essence

As the aroma wafts through the air, notes of pumpkin meat, a robust pumpkin pie spice profile, and toasted malt dominate the olfactory senses. The anticipation builds as the scent invites one to delve into the rich and spiced concoction within the bottle.

A Symphony of Flavors

Upon the first sip, Pumpkick unveils its toasty malt foundation, complemented by the warmth of nutmeg and a subtle Eurohop spice. The bread crust essence weaves its way into the tasting notes, creating a harmonious blend that evolves as it lingers on the palate. The finale is marked by a spicy crescendo, leaving a lingering tart twang that keeps the taste buds intrigued.

Textural Complexity

Pumpkick asserts itself as a medium-bodied creation with a prickly carbonation that adds a refreshing, almost juicy, element to the drinking experience. The mouthfeel contributes to the overall enjoyment, providing a satisfying textural journey.

Final Verdict: Breaking the Mold

In the realm of pumpkin beers, Pumpkick stands out as a commendable deviation from the norm. The inclusion of cranberries elevates this brew, breathing new life into a style that may have felt somewhat overplayed. New Belgium Brewing successfully navigates the fine line between tradition and innovation with Pumpkick, creating a beer that offers a delightful departure from the expected.