New Belgium Brewing presents its take on a Finnish Rye Ale with the Lips of Faith Sahti, a concoction infused with juniper. Picture yourself settled on a cozy settee, savoring this amber-hued brew crafted with Cascade and Amarillo hops, and a dash of orange and lemon peel spice.

Appearance: The Sahti pours a deep orange hue, maintaining clarity with a noticeable absence of a head.

Aroma: Gently wafting from the glass are notes of soft vanilla and chamomile, setting the olfactory stage.

Taste: Chamomile takes the lead in the flavor profile, accompanied by subtle spices and a hint of bitterness. Regrettably, the initially promising flavors fade rather swiftly.

Mouthfeel: Characterized by a high level of carbonation, the beer imparts a thin mouthfeel that may not appeal to all palates.

Overall: While the Sahti may look appealing on paper, the actual tasting experience falls short of expectations. Disappointingly, the flavors, though present, lack the robustness anticipated. On a positive note, the 7.2% alcohol content manages to remain subdued, offering a rather mild presence on the palate. For those seeking a more engaging and flavorful experience, this Lips of Faith Sahti may leave you yearning for more.