From the adventurous brewers at New Belgium comes the Lips of Faith Pear Ginger Beer, a playful twist on the classic Victorian-era ginger beer. Infused with whimsical notes of pear and lemon peel, this spiced/herbed/vegetable concoction aims to be both a refreshing summer sipper and a mixologist’s delight. Does it successfully blend the warming embrace of ginger with the bright nuances of pear and lemon? Let’s dive into the critical evaluation.

Appearance: A Hazy Prelude

The Pear Ginger Beer presents itself in a 22 oz. bottle, pouring into the tumbler with a hazy dull amber gold. An initial observation reveals a lack of a substantial head, setting the stage for a visual experience that may not be as captivating as one might hope.

Aroma: Ginger Takes Center Stage

Engaging the olfactory senses, the beer emits a potent aroma dominated by both candied ginger and fresh-cut ginger root. The fragrance is bold and unapologetically spicy, providing a clear indication of the ginger-forward profile promised by the brewer.

Taste: A Symphony of Flavors

In the realm of taste, the Pear Ginger Beer unfolds with a triad of flavors. Lightly toasted pale malt serves as the backdrop, supporting the sharp ginger spice that takes the lead. A mild but noticeable hop bitterness adds a layer of complexity, contributing to a taste profile that dances between sweet and heat. The promised pear, however, remains elusive, with the ginger commanding the spotlight.

Mouthfeel: Spicy and Prickly

The beer’s mouthfeel is aptly described as spicy and full-bodied, delivering a prickly sensation. The robust presence of ginger translates into a lively and invigorating experience on the palate, aligning with the intended character of a summer sipper.

Overall: A Spicy Affair

In the grand finale, the overall impression of the Lips of Faith Pear Ginger Beer emerges. For those enamored with ginger, this beer promises a spicy rendezvous. The absence of excessive sweetness makes it an enjoyable and fun drink, although the elusive pear notes might leave some enthusiasts searching in vain. Despite this, the Pear Ginger Beer manages to maintain its charm and provides a refreshing alternative for those seeking a departure from the ordinary. Whether enjoyed straight or as a component in a classic cocktail, it succeeds in shaking up the traditional beer experience with a touch of adventurous spirit.