The New Belgium Brut IPA pours a clear, pale straw color, reminiscent of sparkling wines. The large-bubbled, bright white foam rises exuberantly, creating a meringue-like head that slowly settles, leaving behind impressive lace patterns on the glass. This beer is undeniably eye-catching, resembling a celebration in a glass.

Aroma: Citrus Symphony with a Twist

Upon diving into the glass, the Brut IPA delivers an intense burst of aromatic hops, notably Citra. The aroma is a symphony of enticing hop notes, featuring lemon balm, candied lime, ripe papaya, gooseberry, and white grape. The unexpected combination of tropical fruits and champagne-like effervescence adds a layer of sophistication to the olfactory experience.

Taste: A Modern IPA Marvel

The first sips of New Belgium’s Brut IPA unveil a modern, cutting-edge IPA that checks all the boxes. Bright and super clean, it forgoes specialty malts, offering a fresh, fluffy biscuit base flavor from pale and pilsner malts. The powerful carbonation contributes to an aerated mouthfeel, while a subtle saltiness enhances the beer’s buoyancy and overall refreshment.

Mouthfeel: Effervescent Elegance

The carbonation in this Brut IPA is a standout feature, creating a lively and effervescent mouthfeel. The beer dances on the palate, delivering a quenching experience. The absence of chalkiness or wooliness showcases a meticulous brewing process, emphasizing the beer’s dry and crisp qualities.

Overall: A Conversion to Brut IPA Belief

New Belgium’s Brut IPA emerges as a favorite from the brewery, successfully balancing brightness, quenching qualities, maltiness, and bitterness. Contrary to expectations, the sweetness remains at a balanced level, with a notable backbone of bready pale and pilsner malt. The bitterness, reminiscent of vibrant white grapefruit rind, peaks at 7/10, leaving a lingering, powerful effect that extends well into the finish. If presented as a standard IPA or APA, this beer would seamlessly fit, challenging the notion of Brut IPA as merely a trend.

In summary, this Brut IPA proves to be a delightful revelation, challenging preconceived notions and making a compelling case for the style. New Belgium’s execution of this effervescent brew warrants applause, and it has successfully converted a skeptic into a believer. Here’s to hoping that more breweries take notes from this stellar example of a well-crafted Brut IPA. Cheers!