Nebraska Brewing introduces Toasted Barn, the inaugural beer in their Nebraska Inception Series. This Smoked Porter, aged in Stranahan’s Whiskey barrels, takes a bold step with 35% Smoked Briess Malt, setting the stage for an intriguing flavor journey. The decision to subject this brew to prolonged aging in the same whiskey barrel lineage as Black Betty RIS and Fathead Barleywine results in a beer with a nuanced smokiness, laced with vanilla aromatics and oak tannins, culminating in a truly noteworthy experience.

Appearance: Dark Elegance

Pouring into a goblet from a 22 oz. bottle, Toasted Barn presents itself with a dark brown hue, crowned by a layer of tan froth that adds an element of visual allure.

Aroma: Whiffs of the Campfire

The olfactory adventure begins with prominent notes of smoke, ash, and vanilla roast. The initial robust smokiness, imparted by the Smoked Briess Malt, is evident and sets the tone for the tasting journey.

Taste: A Fiery Expedition

Toasted Barn ventures into bold territories with flavors reminiscent of an ashtray, hardwood, and burnt roast. The dry and ‘camp-firey’ profile adds a distinct character, offering a taste experience that is both adventurous and distinctive.

Mouthfeel: Creamy Indulgence

The beer embraces a creamy, full-bodied mouthfeel that enhances the overall sensory experience. This luxurious texture complements the bold flavor profile, adding depth to each sip.

Overall: Barnyard Reverie

True to its name, Toasted Barn lives up to the expectation of a smoky haven. While the whiskey notes might be elusive to some palates, they eluded mine during the tasting. However, the absence of overt whiskey nuances doesn’t detract from the overall appeal. I remain open to revisiting this beer, acknowledging the complexity it offers and anticipating a potentially evolving perspective upon another encounter.