Dust Bunny Hazy IPA from Monday Night Brewing presents itself as a fully hazy deep golden elixir, almost flirting with amber hues. Initially, it appears less murky compared to its NE-style IPA counterparts. However, this illusion is shattered once you reach the bottom of the can, releasing an unexpected sediment storm. The presence of visible particles floating in suspension adds an unconventional twist to the visual experience, challenging the norm for canned IPAs.

Aroma: A Symphony of Fruit

Upon diving into Dust Bunny, the aroma orchestrates a harmonious blend of sweetened canned peach and pear, intertwining seamlessly with the enticing fragrance of juicy mandarin orange. The use of hop varieties, especially the potent Mandarina Bavaria, is evident. It’s a unique olfactory journey that sets the stage for what’s to come in the tasting adventure.

Taste: A Fruity Ballet with a Spicy Twist

The flavor profile of Dust Bunny mirrors the aroma, delivering a fruited ballet on the taste buds. The moderate bitterness, akin to a 4/10 on the scale, initially introduces a spicy hop bite that gracefully fades, allowing the fruity ensemble to take center stage. Sugary canned peach meets a soda-like carbonation, creating a flavor reminiscent of Fresca. This IPA dances through the finish, maintaining a balance between moderate sugar levels (5/10) and an overall creamy mouthfeel. The 6.8% ABV remains cunningly concealed behind the dominant fruit juice flavors and the lingering spicy hop nuances.

Mouthfeel: Creamy Harmony with Subtle Minerals

Dust Bunny impresses with a mouthfeel that stays true to its promise. The yeast and proteins in suspension contribute mild mineral undertones, adding a subtle layer to the overall experience. Unlike some hazy IPAs that tend to veer into chalky or gritty territory, Dust Bunny maintains a creamy texture throughout, enhancing the beer’s overall appeal.

Overall: A Home Run in the Hazy Game

In the grand scheme of Monday Night Brewing’s lineup, Dust Bunny emerges as a standout and a personal favorite. What sets it apart is its refreshing departure from the chalky and gritty tendencies often associated with hazy IPAs. Instead, it proudly embraces powerful peach, pear, and mandarin orange flavors, bordering on the territory of a fruit beer rather than a conventional IPA. In the realm of hazy IPAs, Dust Bunny unmistakably hits a home run.