Launching into the experience, Spaceship Earth emanates a radiant straw-colored glow as it gracefully fills the glass. The vigorous carbonation generates a substantial, meringue-textured head that persists impressively, adorning the glass with thick lacing. Aesthetically, it earns top marks.


Diving into the olfactory realm, the fragrance of Spaceship Earth unfolds into a complex tapestry. Green mango, green banana, pineapple upside-down cake, canned pineapple, and pomelo orchestrate a tropical symphony. Notably distinct from Modern Times’ sweeter hazy IPAs, this hazy pale ale boasts a lower ABV and dry body, standing out as a lighter-bodied and sessionable alternative.


The flavor journey commences with a profusion of pulpy white grapefruit dominating the palate, devoid of any sugary undertones. Progressing towards grapefruit pith and herbal bitterness, the dry body accentuates the experience. Sage and lavender nuances emerge in subsequent tastings, distinguishing Spaceship Earth as a unique entity within the realm of hazy pale ales. Dry, brilliantly herbal, and profoundly refreshing, it draws parallels to elusive brews like Hill Farmstead/Grassroots APAs and the now-discontinued De la Senna Taras Runa.


The culmination of this cosmic journey unfolds in a lengthy finish. Fresh French bread with flour-dusted crust initiates the departure, transitioning into the ephemeral richness of lemon custard. The finale introduces a mild acidity, harmonizing seamlessly with the beer’s white grapefruit-centric profile. While not aggressively bitter, Spaceship Earth leans towards the bitter spectrum, akin to an herbal hoppy, dry, Belgian pale ale.


In this celestial odyssey, Spaceship Earth manages to encapsulate the aromatic allure of a hazy IPA while delivering unparalleled refreshment. With a subtle acidity reminiscent of carbonated white grapefruit juice, it achieves an incredible balance. Proclaiming it as one of Modern Times’ best offerings to date might sound like a broken record, but the perfection achieved in Spaceship Earth cannot be overstated. This brew is nothing short of a triumph in the cosmos of craft beer.