The presentation of Modern Times Orderville in a 16 oz. can is enticing, pouring into the glass with a fully hazy, radiant gold hue. The medium white foam crowns the beer, creating an inviting visual appeal.


The aromatic experience is a captivating blend of sweet and tropical fruit notes reminiscent of a mango banana smoothie. As it warms, the fragrance unfolds into a dual character, oscillating between overripe mango pulp and a doughy essence with hints of yellow cake and banana pancakes. It’s an intriguing olfactory journey.


In terms of flavor, Orderville unabashedly leans into the mango banana smoothie profile, embodying the essence of the New England style IPA. Departing from traditional IPA territory, the beer strikes a commendable balance, with a perceived bitterness at 5 out of 10 and sweetness at 4 out of 10. This equilibrium, coupled with 75 IBUs, crafts a mild yet well-rounded brew that avoids the cloying sweetness found in some NE-style IPAs.


Expect a departure from the crisp, clean structure of conventional IPAs. Orderville introduces a chalky mid-palate texture, a result of heavy molecules in solution. The beer embraces a comparatively dirty and unfinished character, purposefully designed to serve as a milkshake-like canvas for exotic hop oils. The oat and wheat additions contribute a substantial creamy grain character to the mouthfeel.


In its latest incarnation, Orderville confidently embodies the hallmarks of a top-tier hazy IPA, drawing inspiration from the northeast’s acclaimed style. This beer delivers an authentic experience, marked by a fleeting enjoyment that leaves you yearning for more. Despite its apparent success in capturing the essence of the NE-style IPA, Orderville raises eyebrows with an unexpected acidity rating of 3 out of 10. The lingering tangerine juice quality in the aftertaste, coupled with a sweet and sour interplay, adds a surprising dimension that sets it apart. Modern Times seems to have struck gold with this release, making Orderville a potential standout in the realm of hazy IPAs available in retail distribution.