The pour of Modern Times Oneida showcases a cloudy yellow gold hue, crowned by a soap sudsy white cap. The visual presentation suggests a certain unfiltered quality, setting the stage for what promises to be an interesting tasting experience.


The olfactory experience of Oneida is dominated by notes of white grapes, clementine, and a subtle hint of Lemonheads. The blend of Hallertau Blanc, Cascade, and Experimental Hop 05256 creates an aromatic profile that teases with fruity undertones, yet hints at a complexity that extends beyond the typical pale ale.


True to its billing, the Nelson-like grapey hop takes center stage in the flavor department, accompanied by the presence of pale malt. The tasting journey concludes swiftly with an earthy hop finish. While the beer fulfills its pale ale classification, the desire for a more robust flavor profile lingers, leaving one yearning for a bolder expression of the chosen hops.


Moderately bodied with average carbonation, the mouthfeel of Modern Times Oneida strikes a balance that falls within the expected parameters for a pale ale. It neither overwhelms with heaviness nor disappoints with excessive effervescence, maintaining a middle-of-the-road texture.


In assessing the overall experience, Modern Times Oneida proves to be a carefully crafted hoppy ale. Yet, the delicate approach may leave discerning palates desiring more in various dimensions—more aromatic intensity, a fuller malt body, and a touch more bite in the flavor profile. While acknowledging the beer’s adherence to the pale ale category, one can’t help but anticipate the next batch, hopeful for a more assertive rendition. In its current iteration, Modern Times Oneida stands as a solid and drinkable option, though the quest for a more pronounced character persists.