The Modern Times Ice, presented in its 16 oz. can and poured into a pilsner glass, boasts a clear, pale straw color. The lively carbonation produces a thick meringue head that gradually settles, leaving clouds of foam clinging to the glass.


The aroma is both fresh and inviting, featuring notes of mellow key lime pie, fluffy biscuit, and thick orange marmalade. A subtle macro undertone of white corn grits and oatmeal adds a charming element to the overall scent, giving a nod to the classic pilsner style.


In terms of flavor, Modern Times Ice is a departure from the craft brewery’s usual lineup dominated by IPAs. Heavy-bodied for a pilsner, it delivers a prominent sourdough biscuit character that allows the pale malt to shine without being interrupted by excessive hoppiness. The finish is well-balanced, offering medium sugar, thick doughiness, and a neutral bitterness. While there are hints of chalk and paper in the mouthfeel, a persistent carbonation contributes to the overall refreshment.


Despite occasional flashes of chalk and paper reminiscent of the original draft, Modern Times Ice maintains a high, persisting carbonation that enhances its refreshing quality. The beer’s heavier body for the style adds substance, and the finish is both lengthy and well-balanced, featuring medium sugar, thick doughiness, and a neutral bitterness.


Modern Times Ice is a simple, traditional pilsner with minimal bitterness, a departure from the craft brewery’s usual bold and hop-forward offerings. The decision to delve into the pilsner style, traditionally snubbed in today’s IPA-dominated market, is commendable. While some may draw parallels between the beer and macro pale lagers, the absence of crazy aroma hopping, exaggerated bitterness, or boosted alcohol content positions Modern Times Ice as a subtler and more traditional option. In a craft beer landscape filled with avant-garde experiments, this beer stands as a testament to simplicity and tradition. It may not appeal to those seeking bold innovations, but for those looking to introduce friends or family members who favor macro brews to the craft beer world, Modern Times Ice serves as a suitable gateway option.