Pouring Modern Times Geodesic into a chalice reveals a hazy, glowing gold liquid with a substantial, meringue-textured foam head. The white head leaves thick lacing on the glass, contributing to an appealing presentation. However, the presence of sediment in subsequent pours transforms the beer into a typical murky and opaque hazy IPA.


The aroma of Geodesic is somewhat familiar, reminiscent of MT’s Booming Rollers but with a sweeter twist. Notes of pineapple juice, green banana, and a hint of saltwater/sweat are evident, accompanied by a noticeable sweet alcohol scent resembling a mixed drink. However, an unexpected plastic-like overtone, akin to a freshly opened Ziploc bag, deviates from the expected Modern Times signature. This anomaly becomes more pronounced when compared to a tap version sampled at the brewery.


Geodesic falls short on the taste front. The initial sensation includes prickly carbonation and vodka-soaked honeydew melon, transitioning into melon rinds and apple skins. The body, unfortunately, feels somewhat watery and chalky, lacking the soft and juicy qualities noted in the brewery tap version. Even after including the yeast sediment to achieve the typical hazy IPA appearance, the flavor profile fails to evolve significantly, with the chalkiness intensifying, resulting in a talcum powder mouthfeel.


The beer’s mouthfeel, affected by the chalkiness and watery texture, leaves much to be desired. The initial promise of a silky palate from the tap version is not fulfilled, and the overall experience is lacking in complexity. The 30 IBUs, although indicated on the label, appear more pronounced, possibly exacerbated by the thinner body, while the 7.5% ABV imparts a sharp tang in the back of the palate, making the overall experience less enjoyable.


In conclusion, Modern Times Geodesic may not be the standout special release to seek out this month. While tap versions at the brewery might offer a more satisfying experience, the bottled version falls short of expectations. The beer exhibits inconsistencies between its tap and bottle forms, signaling a need for refinement in the brewing process. Modern Times, with its prolific beer releases, acknowledges that not every creation hits the mark, and Geodesic stands as an example of a brew that requires some fine-tuning to align with the brewery’s high standards.