The Boomtown Medusa Double Hazy IPA pours forth, revealing a hazy, murky concoction that lacks the visual allure one might anticipate. The absence of a substantial head diminishes its initial appeal, leaving the beer’s aesthetic presentation somewhat lackluster.


Engaging the olfactory senses, the beer emanates a bouquet dominated by an intense cranberry essence accompanied by the tang of juicy red grapefruit. The high acidity notes suggest a potential sour experience, setting the stage for a sensory journey into uncharted territory.


Upon tasting, the beer unveils a well-rounded flavor profile where acidity takes a backseat, dialing down to a mere 1/10 intensity focused on lactic acid. The unexpected creamy wheat presence in the mid-palate introduces an unforeseen density, forming a milky, dairy-like thickness that contradicts the beer’s clear pink appearance. The aftertaste, marked by a vibrant cranberry tang, delivers a refreshingly tart zing. The low lactic acid and persistent carbonation create a harmonious combination, elevating the overall tasting experience.


The beer’s texture surprises with a creamy, almost dairy-like thickness, defying expectations set by its clear pink hue. The carbonation remains consistently high, enhancing the overall mouthfeel and contributing to a delightful drinking experience.


Despite my initial uncertainty about the beer’s identity, a blind tasting session ultimately revealed the Modern Times Fruitlands Rosé Edition. Dated back to 6/17/18, this rendition exemplifies the brewery’s experimentation. Fruitlands has transitioned from a limited-release bomber to a core MT offering, with its current iteration featuring passion fruit and guava. Notably, the Rosé Edition showcases a decrease in overall sourness, a trend I find commendable in the realm of craft brewing.

While I failed to pinpoint specific fruit elements like cherries, raspberry, and lemon during the blind tasting, this complexity underscores the seamless integration of flavors. The Rosé Edition emerges as a strong contender for the ultimate summer beer, rivaling the likes of Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale. Its fruit infusion surpasses Sierra Nevada’s Otra Vez Lime & Agave, while its acid balance outshines Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose – both recent can-reviewed competitors. Seek out this special edition promptly; it’s a fleeting delight worth savoring before it vanishes from the shelves.