The Foeder Ice pours into the glass with a slightly hazy, straw-like hue, topped by a frothy buttermilk-colored foam that rises vigorously. The head retention is commendable, slowly receding like a mesmerizing spectacle. However, it’s worth noting that tap pours appear less turbid compared to the canned version.


The aroma of this beer is where it truly shines. Delicate and captivating, it starts with zesty notes of citrus, reminiscent of blood orange and lime peel. These lively citrus scents gracefully transition into malty aromas, conjuring images of pancake batter, fluffy buttermilk biscuits, and the enticing scent of a freshly baked baguette. Adding to this sensory journey are hints of heavy-toast oak foeders, bringing forth hints of bourbon-like spicy oak, black pepper, and subtle vanilla undertones.


Upon savoring the Foeder Ice, one encounters a truly enchanting experience. The mouthfeel is soft and buoyant, with a refreshing water profile that carries a hint of saltiness and a minerally bite. The malt character is nothing short of exquisite, with the buttermilk biscuit notes taking center stage. The perceived richness from the malt is enhanced by the wood aging process, creating a luscious, coating effect on the palate. It seems to dance around the taste buds, urging one to take sip after sip. The wood aging also imparts a touch of savoriness, resulting in a unique flavor profile that sets this beer apart from the rest.


The mouthfeel of Foeder Ice is both soft and buoyant, offering a quenching water profile with a subtle salty edge and a minerally bite. The malt character adds to the overall experience, providing a sense of richness and a satisfying, coating effect on the palate. The wood aging process introduces a touch of savoriness that adds complexity and sets it apart from other beers.


In the realm of craft beer, Modern Times consistently inundates the market with a dizzying array of releases. While some of their offerings may seem like endless iterations of the same base beer, one gem that often goes unnoticed is their Ice pilsner. However, it’s worth noting that this pilsner has evolved into a year-round staple for Modern Times and remains one of the most consistently impressive pilsners available locally.

The foeder-aging process, combined with the use of Saphir hops, elevates Modern Times Ice from a decent pilsner to a truly exceptional masterpiece. This sub-5% lager manages to harmonize a myriad of flavors, resulting in a beer that is nothing short of ethereal. While Modern Times is renowned for its coffee stouts, this pale lager may very well be their crowning achievement.

Similar Beers

Barrel-aged pale lagers are a rarity in the craft beer world, with very few comparable options. One might recall Budweiser’s foray into the realm with a Jim Beam barrel-aged copper lager, which would be interesting to compare. However, it’s worth noting that finding a lager with a similar blend of flavors is a challenge. One potential comparison could be the Aecht Schlenkerla Helles Märzen Kräusen Blend, an unconventional Franconian lager though not strictly a pilsner.

In conclusion, Modern Times Foeder Ice Dry-Hopped with Saphir is a beer that transcends the ordinary, transforming a humble pilsner into an extraordinary masterpiece. Its complex flavor profile and impeccable balance make it a must-try for any discerning beer enthusiast.