Upon pouring the Modern Times Drop Art into a specialty glass, the beer presents itself as a full haze, boasting a glowing pineapple juice color. The meringue foam, though quickly dissipating, lends it an initial Berliner Weisse appearance. Notably, yeast sediment makes its presence felt, offering a touch of unpredictability. The eccentric graphic design may have hinted at a brewery-exclusive release, yet here it is, in retail distribution.


The aromatic profile of Drop Art echoes Berliner Weisse characteristics. Notes of cream of wheat, lemon/lime yogurt, fresh orange juice, wet sourdough bread, and a hint of salty/sweaty funkiness dominate the olfactory experience. The initial fruit-forward and tart saison impression, especially with thicker mango and tangerine notes, seems to have mellowed over time, leading to a more refined and complex aroma.


In terms of flavor, Drop Art delivers a highly drinkable experience. The acid level, reminiscent of a traditional Berliner Weisse, focuses on lactic acid. However, the integration of Key lime pie yogurt and cream of wheat flavors provides a unique twist. Surprisingly, the mango and tangerine additions, though initially overlooked, are seamlessly incorporated, adding to the overall enjoyment. The 6.2% ABV remains discreet, making it a beer that seemingly beckons to be consumed swiftly, akin to Gatorade.


The palate of Drop Art is nothing short of superb, offering a fluffy and quenching sensation. The interplay between lactic acid and yogurt characters, coupled with the integrated mango and tangerine additions, enhances the overall mouthfeel. The absence of any noticeable alcohol presence further contributes to the beer’s drinkability. It’s an experience that leaves a lasting impression on the palate.


Drop Art defies easy categorization, blurring the lines between saison, Berliner Weisse, and Belgian witbier. The wheat component in the grist, combined with a modest acid level, invites comparisons to witbier, while the citrus zest and wheat fusion add another layer of complexity. This beer masterfully amalgamates the best elements of these styles into a refreshing and intricate masterpiece. Perfect for the summer months, Drop Art proves to be the quintessential warm-weather companion, offering a satisfying balance of tart, tropical, and citrusy notes that linger on the palate.