Centaur Gardens presents itself as a slightly darker contender in the hazy IPA lineup, boasting a deep orange hue with a milky opaqueness. The generous beige foam crowning the brew adds to its visual appeal.


Upon the initial whiff, a hint of nail polish remover graces the olfactory senses, but quickly gives way to a medley of green, under-ripe fruits, reminiscent of leafy white strawberries and green bananas. As the aroma unfolds, it evolves into a robust tangerine essence akin to the nostalgic Five Alive fruit juice, accompanied by a faint hint of orange Tang.


True to the hazy IPA tradition, Centaur Gardens takes a departure from kettle hop bitterness, favoring the dominance of late addition fruity hop oils. Notably low on the IBU scale, around 10, this beer distinguishes itself within the series by embracing a lactic and tart character, akin to Modern Times’ Golden Pineapple IPA. The body carries a milky thickness with a touch of sparkling lactic acid, resembling tangerine Kefir. The mid-palate unfolds with primary flavors of spicy dark orange peel and tangerine juice. However, the finish introduces a somewhat rough note, featuring green banana, under-ripe mango skin, and a pronounced chalkiness. The alcohol content remains discreet, and the sugar level, while low, subtly enhances the persistent tangerine flavors throughout.


Centaur Gardens offers a distinctive mouthfeel characterized by a milky thickness, accentuated by the sparkling lactic acid that lingers in the back of the palate. The beer’s texture, reminiscent of tangerine Kefir, contributes to its unique profile within the hazy IPA spectrum.


While undeniably tasty, Centaur Gardens falls slightly short in structural finesse when compared to its counterparts, such as Goblin Rock. Despite sharing a similar genetic makeup, this brew could benefit from some refinement. It delivers an enjoyable drinking experience, but a discerning palate might notice a rough edge in the finish. Perhaps a touch of fine-tuning could elevate this offering within the brewery’s distinguished hazy IPA series.