Craft beer enthusiasts, brace yourselves for Modern Times’ latest concoction – Blam! Blam! An extravagant 16-ounce affair that promises an unparalleled explosion of flavor. With Nelson, Amarillo, and whole-cone Denali hops, this special release boasts an aromatic profile bursting with layers of lush, hoppy fruit. But does the hefty price tag of over $20 and a brewery-exclusive distribution model mark a groundbreaking shift in the IPA landscape?

The Exclusive Experience

I snagged a 4-pack of Blam! Blam! during a brewery visit, and the sticker shock was real. At double the price of their other hoppy brews and an exclusive distribution strategy, Modern Times seems to be toying with a novel approach. While skepticism lingered, the brewery’s control over freshness and refrigeration through this system has its merits, mirroring successful models in the Northeast.

The Hazy Journey Continues

Blam! Blam! follows in the hazy footsteps of its predecessors, marking the fourth installment in Modern Times’ special release hazy IPA series. Having enjoyed previous tap versions, the anticipation for this latest creation was palpable.

Aesthetic Allure and Aroma Ambiguity

Poured into a tulip glass, this 16oz can, a mere 4 days old, presents an aesthetically pleasing sight – an opaque, glowing pineapple hue with a persistently thick, creamy foam. However, the aroma, while assertive, falls short of the series’ standards, with ripe cantaloupe, pineapple juice, lemon balm, and cucumber competing for attention.

Muddled Flavors and Chalky Undertones

The tasting experience unravels a somewhat muddled profile, with heavy yeast content lending a chalky mouthfeel. Described as “green,” the brew carries planty and grassy notes, accompanied by hints of honeydew melon rind and cucumber peel. Bitterness makes a swift entrance but fades surprisingly fast in the mid-palate and finish, leaving little to no aftertaste. The dry body contributes to a lighter mouthfeel, reminiscent of Fortunate Islands, with the 7% ABV discreetly concealed.

The Verdict: A Step in the Right Direction

While Blam! Blam! may not reach the pinnacle of perfection achieved by its series predecessors, it undeniably charts a course towards a more drinkable, lighter-bodied, and aroma hop-focused IPA. Modern Times’ commitment to experimentation is commendable, pushing the boundaries of craft beer in the area. Though not flawless, this release proves that the brewery is unwavering in its quest to elevate the craft beer experience.