At the crossroads of quality and value lies Mission Street Brewery, a seasoned player in the brewing scene for over four decades. Their Mission Street Brown Ale, a creation under the private label of Firestone Walker, beckons beer enthusiasts with promises of excellence and affordability. In a 22 oz. bottle, it was time to put this offering to the test, poured into an Imperial pint glass. Clocking in at 5.7% abv, this purchase hailed from Trader Joe’s in Monrovia, CA.


The initial encounter with this brown ale is promising. A slightly translucent reddish-brown hue dominates the glass, crowned by a commendable 1/2 inch cream head. The presentation is visually appealing, setting the stage for what’s to come.


Upon lifting the glass, a melange of herbal euro dry hopping and sweet, lightly roasted malt greets the senses. The aromatic profile hints at a thoughtful combination of ingredients, promising a nuanced drinking experience.


The taste journey unfolds with a symphony of nutty, chocolaty, and roasty malt notes. The finish introduces a nutty essence accompanied by a subtle hop spice, with a surprising touch of cola weaving through the flavor profile. While not groundbreaking, the amalgamation of these elements results in a commendable taste profile.


In the realm of texture, Mission Street Brown Ale falls on the thinner side. Its coating nature and modest carbonation provide a decent, if unremarkable, tactile experience. This characteristic might not appeal to those seeking a more robust and lively mouthfeel.


Delving into the overall assessment, Mission Street Brown Ale earns its stripes as a pretty good representative of the brown ale category. While not personally a favorite, its redeeming feature lies in its astonishingly affordable price tag of $2.00 per bomber. Beyond the glass, it proves versatile, finding a place not only in the realm of sipping but also as a cooking companion. Mission Street succeeds in delivering a commendable brew that aligns well with its ethos of quality and value, making it a noteworthy contender in the realm of accessible craft beers.