The visual allure of Mikkeller SD Fruit Face is nothing short of captivating. Pouring into the glass with an opaque, neon pink hue, it presents a mesmerizing sight. Crowned by a baby pink-colored meringue top of foam, the beer exudes an enticing visual appeal that sets the stage for what’s to come.


The olfactory experience of Fruit Face is a symphony of unconventional yet intriguing notes. The decadent tiramisu, buttery chocolate ganache, rich butterscotch, and caramel macchiato iced coffee aromas create an aromatic profile that demands attention. The infusion of rye bourbon barrel-aged Ethiopian coffee post-fermentation adds a layer of complexity that elevates the overall olfactory allure.


In the realm of taste, Fruit Face takes the imbiber on a unique journey. The collision of sour, jammy raspberry flavors with waves of lactic acid-derived yogurt creaminess creates a dynamic flavor profile that stands out. The experiment of infusing a raspberry Berliner Weisse with barrel-aged coffee proves to be nothing short of phenomenal, making Fruit Face a distinctive and entertaining beer.


The mouthfeel of Fruit Face contributes to its overall appeal. The beer’s consistency, observed through sampling on tap at Mikkeller SD and from different 16oz cans, consistently positions it as a show stopper. The amalgamation of sensations, from the creamy texture to the tart raspberry notes, ensures a well-rounded and engaging experience on the palate.


Fruit Face emerges as a pioneer in the realm of experimental brewing, particularly with its introduction of barrel-aged coffee to a sour base. While the sour raspberry dominates the flavor landscape, leaving the coffee nuances in the background, there is undeniable potential for further refinement. As a fruited Berliner Weisse, Fruit Face excels, but the anticipation of future creations in Mikkeller’s specialty canned series arises, hoping for a more pronounced manifestation of the exquisite coffee aromas in the flavor. This beer marks a major success in innovation, leaving the palate intrigued and eager for what Mikkeller Brewing San Diego will craft next.