Publisher: DAN Beer Reviews
Genre: Brown Ale
Print Length: Not specified
ISBN: Not specified

Midnight Sun Brewing presents their Kodiak Brown Ale as a rugged yet smooth concoction, boasting a delicate balance of caramel and roasted malts complemented by enticing Northwest hops. Perle and Willamette hops make their presence felt without overshadowing the beer’s intrepid maltiness, resulting in a flavor profile that is touted as uniquely delicious.

Appearance: Underwhelming Aesthetics

The beer pours into the glass with a lackluster brown hue, accompanied by a thin tan film of tight bubbles. The visual presentation leaves much to be desired, failing to evoke excitement or anticipation.

Aroma: A Blend of Familiar Tones

In terms of scent, the Kodiak Brown Ale offers notes of chocolate roast, walnuts, and bread crust. While these aromas are recognizable and characteristic of brown ales, they do little to distinguish this particular brew from its counterparts.

Taste: Unremarkable Flavor Journey

The flavor profile unfolds with roasted malt taking the lead, accompanied by hints of bread crust and a touch of euro hop spice, culminating in a subtle twang at the end. Unfortunately, the taste lacks the boldness or complexity needed to leave a lasting impression.

Mouthfeel: Thin and Prickly

The beer’s texture falls on the thin side of medium-bodied, delivering a prickly sensation on the palate. This aspect of the drinking experience, while not necessarily unpleasant, fails to elevate the overall impression of the Kodiak Brown Ale.

Overall: A Middling Experience

In summary, Midnight Sun’s Kodiak Brown Ale can be described as a brew that falls short of remarkable. While it doesn’t warrant harsh criticism, it also fails to achieve the heights necessary to be considered a standout brown ale. It may find favor among those seeking an easy-to-drink option without the hoppy intensity characteristic of sessionable pale ales. However, for those expecting a truly exceptional brown ale, this offering may leave them yearning for a more memorable experience.